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fullPage.js Wordpress Plugin for Elementor

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fullPage.js Wordpress Plugin for Elementor

รlvaro Trigo
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Videos. Official fullPage.js WordPress plugin for Elementor editor. Create a full-screen website using the most popular and reliable Javascript component!

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What it includes

- Premium support from the team that built fullpage.js library. (Duration depends on the license you choose).

- 100% browser compatible. 

- Responsive mode.

- Touch Support

- Horizontal and vertical slides.

- Non full-screen sections (Ideal for footers)

- Background Videos (Youtube, Vimeo...)

- Navigation Bullets (Vertical & Horizontal)

- URL History anchors (#)

- Keyboard accessibility.

- Lightweight script (no jQuery required and < 50Kb).

- Continuous vertical movement

- Optional use of scroll-bar.

- GPU hardware acceleration transitions.

- Tens of animations.

- Video autoplay/pause feature.

- Scrollable sections for long content.

- Custom callbacks.

- CSS state classes.

What it doesn't include

- fullPage.js extensions that add extra features to the plugin are not included on this product. They need to be purchased separately through the extension page.

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